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Wombat Rampant

Just because I believe...

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I'm a semi-pro writer: independent baseball (pro) and fanfic (semi), though I'm working on the Great American Anime-Based SF Novel, which ought to be done Real Soon Now. Divorced father of two, now resident in Tonopah and currently working seasonally for H&R Block as a tax accountant; out of season, I'm mostly retired but am also working on the writing. SF reader since elementary school, fan since 1974, anime fan since 2002 when Anime Iowa needed a beer wombat. (I'm too large & slow to be a badger any more.) Former head of registration/Chief Wombat for Anime Detour; also former co-head of programming for Convergence. My break from fandom came to an end after I arrived in Las Vegas and somehow found myself joining the National Fantasy Fan Federation, which I'd thought had died years ago, and becoming its membership & recruiting bureau head Former contributor to Stipple-APA, currently contributing to N'APA and thinking of getting back with Stipple. Former Army linguist (Russian, German & Spanish) and jammer operator. Sometime baseball fan - go Nationals! Practicing Catholic - someday I'm going to get it right. Last of the Reverse Black Irish Southern Catholic Rednecks.

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