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it's a long way home from Khanid

Yeah, I resubbed. I miss blowing things up and interacting with goons online. thaadd is making noises about coming back too.

First, though, I need to get my stuff and my characters out of the regions they're in now. My main character's stockpile of blueprints & other jewing materials is still down in the ass-end of Khanid, which meant I needed to sneak down there in my covert ops frigate and pick it up so I could haul half of it back across half of space. The Goon reconquest of Cloud Ring proved abortive due to lots of hostiles and not enough Goons, so we decamped to a couch in our French brosefs' (Tau Ceti Federation) basement up north in Deklein where we could hang out with our new buddies from Reddit and help our buddies in the Northern Coalition mess up Sir Molle's ham-handed attempts to conquer the universe. So far that seems to be going well, with much internet spaceship carnage, lulz and nerdrage ensuing. Which means good times.

Meanwhile, my Goon alt is also in Khanid, training skills so he can actually mount all the crap he bought on his Moa. He's going to head for Deklein as well; more skulls for the skull throne.

Remaining alt is poking around in Minmatar space, from which he'll someday emerge to go mess things up with the rest of Goonwaffe.
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