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Twenty questions about D&D

Ganked from deathquaker.

1. Who are you?
Nobody of interest. Move along, nothing to see here...

2. Is Dungeons and Dragons the first role playing game you ever played?
Yes. My friends and I had never seen anything quite like it.

3. What year was it when you first played a role playing game? (D&D or other?)
1977, maybe '78.

4. How old were you when you first played an RPG?
17 or 18, I forget.

5. What is the name, race and class of the first D&D character you ever played?
Haha, that was over thirty years ago. I have no idea. The only character I even remember was Edison Thomas of the Radio Tribe, which was a collection of dwarves and humans excessively interested in electricity-based spells.

6. Do you still actively play the first role playing game you ever played? (or any of its newer versions?)
No. Sad to say, I don't have a lot of interest in fantasy RPGs any more.

7. What is your favorite D&D campaign setting?
Probably my favorite one ever was a campaign run by a barracks mate of mine at the Defense Language Institute, where my cleric was leading the resistance to an invasion by Lizard Men. Undead dinosaurs on defense, yay!

8. What other D&D campaign settings have you played in?
Wow, it's been decades since I played. Let me think...my friend therevdrnye had a pretty good campaign that I liked adventuring in, rife with Celtic Gods and all kinds of player-created craziness. I think most of the campaigns I played in were homebrews set in Medieval Europe or something like it; some folks ran module-based adventures, but the consensus in our crowd was that those were pretty awful and should be avoided.

9. What other role playing games have you played?
Traveller, GURPS Traveller, GURPS Fantasy, Chivalry & Sorcery, Gamma World (Lord, it was awful). En Garde! (social climbing in 16th century France, full of swordfighting and lulz) , Call of Cthulhu, and I guess EVE Online counts even though I'm not really role-playing on there.

10. Are you actively playing in any other games right now?
No. Not even EVE. :(

11. What other RPGS would you like to try that you have not had the chance or time to play?
I'd purely love to give Twilight: 2000 a shot. Even though I've read most of the modules by now, I'm 99% certain that the people I know could change them up enough to keep things interesting, and in truth having read the adventures beforehand doesn't really help a whole lot because there's too many NPCs and random stuff in there for you ever to be sure that what you read is actually what's going to happen. I'd also like to play Big Eyes Small Mouth, Space:1889 and Paranoia. I'm not sure if World of Darkness counts; I created a character and did a solo introductory adventure with the ST but real life got in the way and he never managed to pull the campaign together before I moved back to the Washington area.

12. Have you ever played a gender-bender? (M player/F character or F player/M character)
I played a knock-off of Kasumi Tendo in a GURPS Traveller campaign once for about an hour before the GM decided for his own sanity that she really needed to be an NPC.

13. What is your favorite class to play? (I'm assuming we're back to D&D here)
I'd say cleric. I like being able to deal out the pain and also play medic to my party.

14. Have you ever been a DM, GM, or ST?
Yes, most recently in an abortive GURPS: Reign of Steel campaign. Most of my ref time has been spent as a D&D DM, though.

15. Do you prefer running the game, or playing in it?
Back in the day they were both fun, but these days I prefer to be a player. Being a DM is a hell of a lot of work if you're going to do it right (setting up the campaign, generating NPCs, and all that) and I can't be arsed to put in that kind of effort these days. This is subject to change without notice.

16. Do you prefer small (solo-3), medium (4-6), or large groups (7+) when playing?
Medium. I've run large groups before, and it takes FOREVER to get combat done - which was partially my fault because I hated the standard D&D combat system and insisted on using a proprietary (and extremely bloody) system that was perceived as being more true to life. Half a dozen is about the limit imho, even if you're using bog-standard combat rules in any system.

17. Do you hack/slash/plunder, or do you actually attempt role playing?
Depends on the campaign. Most of my characters are reflections of my personality, so I'm not really role-playing, am I? Also, I came into RPGs from historical boardgaming, and this has had an effect on the way I play RPGs. I look at adventures as scenarios in a larger game - you prepare your troops to the best of your ability, don't bite off more than you can chew, don't take out lopsided parties ("What, five clerics, two thieves, four magicians and NO CLERIC? Oh, hell no!") and try to bring everybody home. In a couple of campaigns, my characters have been worshipers of the local God of Death, which has allowed them to agitate against bringing back dead characters for resurrection. :)

18. Have you ever created a character that you felt was almost an extension of yourself?
Almost all of them, unless I was deliberately doing shtick (like the Radio Tribe) or a knockoff of a fictional character (Major Kasumi Tendo, M.D., and her eternally direction-challenged nephew, Sergeant Elvis Hibiki).

19. Escapist much?
o/" You can never conquer me o/"
o/" Cause I'm not here o/"
o/" And you're not there! o/"
[/Debbie Harry]

20. What class would you want to be if you (the real you ;)) were a D&D character?
I think I'd be happier in a Twilight 2000 or Traveller universe, TBQH...if I had my druthers, though, I'd have to stick with cleric.
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