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Argh, another week...

ATC Board meeting was today at Dixie's, dealing with finances, the hotel contract, and long-range goals for 2006. I will be stepping down as ATC Treasurer in favor of drunkenphlower, who really should have gotten the job when she succeeded me in charge of Registration. There was too much unfinished business on my plate at the time, so that didn't happen. Some of that business is still there, but what with school and being AD Chairman and trying to deal with all the other stuff I have going, I can't really do a good job as Treasurer so it's time for me to hand it off. I mean, it really shouldn't have taken me this long to deal with the leftover registration and bad check issues from this year's AD, and I really should have been further along the path of getting the 501(c)(3) app done than I am.

I got no schoolwork done this weekend, but that's what my day job is for. Snerk. At least I got all my laundry done (finally!) last night and managed to catnap a little before going to see Pirates of the Caribbean with drunkenphlower, danae, phoenixalpha and a bunch of other folks from MAS and the AD staff. Very, very cool movie, worth sitting through 2+ hours for even at $8 a ticket, which under other circumstances I would have been screaming my head off about.

Last but not least, returned the videos to Video Universe, which still didn't have the second and fourth disks of DNA-Squared. So I rented the first disks of Escaflowne, Dual, and Gunparade March along with the second disk of Dual and the complete Phantom Quest Corps, which ought to be good for eye candy if nothing else.

Comments tomorrow on the end of Saikano and Please Teacher. Aloha.
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