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Things that need doing

Managed to get to class only five minutes late this morning, and got out during the break to pick up the other textbook I needed for the Middle School class. It went the full three hours but not much of it stuck in my head; it was mostly about "asset building", which I guess is the new buzzword replacing "character education" which is Bad because it has religious overtones. Whatever, yo. The other part of the class dealt with advising, which in the Elk River district has become institutionalized and seems to serve part of the purpose that smaller class sizes normally would. Advising groups include about 10-18 students and at least one staff member (not necessarily a teacher) and are all about the aforementioned asset building. They seem to be doing some good, at least according to the woman who was subbing for Steve Schroeder today.

I spent a lot of time twiddling Blood Red Skies so that all three copies (thumb drive, laptop and workbox) are synched up with each other, since I got the point the sub was making pretty early on. Speaking of Blood Red Skies, I think I'm going to have to build a page at my website so that the two or three people who are actually interested in the project have something to look at that explains WTF is going on.

I'm thinking that this satiric essay from Iowahawk speaks to this business of assets and values education, as does "The Treason of the Clerks", Jerry Pournelle's essay on how the public school system has really failed us. It doesn't have much to do with the Three Rs. [Hat tip to joel_rosenberg for the Iowahawk piece.]

I need to go get some new laundry bags and baskets, charge up the laundry card, and get the washers and dryers going. I'm all out of clean black t-shirts, and the sun is starting to shine in my eyes while I'm trying to type. :(
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