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Saturday's Battle of the Bulge update

Been a while since I did a post about this, and I know everyone is dying to hear about my gut, so here we go.

This morning I weighed in at 393.2, which is up a bit from the 392.4 I hit back on Tax Day, but the overall trend last month was down - started at 398, and ended the month at 394.4. Probably would have done better with some (more) exercise, but there you are.

All of this is due to the low-carb diet I'm on and the posting of what I'm eating to FitDay (thanks again to willow_one for pointing me to it) which means I have about half a dozen friends looking over my shoulder when I'm eating, effectively. It makes it easier when I'm shopping, too; a lot of places, notably Walmart and Harris-Teeter, where I do most of my shopping, have their bakery departments close to the entrance, and it's easier to make my way through that dietary minefield knowing that if I actually buy and eat those OH GOD FOUR GIANT MUFFINS FOR $2.50 NOMNOMNOM not only is my BG going to be all screwed up for a couple of days but I'm going to have some disappointed friends snarking at me - but encouraging me to get back on the horse. A couple of them are solidly in the STARCH AND SUGAR ARE POISON DEATH camp, which I understand, but I'm not to the point yet where I'm willing to give yogurt and the occasional english muffin a miss yet.

Taking the long view...back on May 28 of 2008, I weighed 440 pounds. I've come a long way since then, and if I can manage to drop eight pounds this month, which is a realistic target, I'll be down to 385 pounds - 55 pounds lost over two years. Not bad for somebody who's not doing that much to lose weight aside from avoiding starches and sugars.

NB: If you're on Weight Watchers or something and it's working for you, that's great and I commend you for it. It's a good program, and as I've noted in these pages before, it worked for me so long as I was working at it. The problem for me is that my body is no longer functioning normally - and really hasn't been for the last 10+ years - and I need to do something different with it. YMMV.