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This would explain a lot.

The Bully Party | The Weekly Standard:Matthew Continetti examines how the Democrats have governed - or, more often, failed to - since 2006. This is pretty typical of New Left behavior since the 1960s, actually, but since the media has chosen to drop all but the thinnest veil of pretended objectivity for the most part, it's been a lot more obvious lately.

I will say that none of my Democratic friends behave like this (to the best of my knowledge), but the people you've been electing to office  are at best enablers of this kind of behavior and at worst, participants in it. I'll give Al Franken (DFL-MN) his propers here: he hasn't been 5% as obnoxious as a senator as he was a comedian. You have to give credit where credit is due.

Also see Continetti's review of Our Dark Lord's memoir, Courage and Consequence.
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