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Enough about Hitler.

As for what's going on my life...besides being up way too late, that is.

Not a whole hell of a lot at the moment. Went in to the vascular clinic at the VA and got the usual bad news/good news double feature. This week, it's that the venostasis ulcer on my right calf is open for business again. It probably would have been open sooner, but the vacuum dressing was slurping up a lot of the lymph fluid that normally would have been causing the ulcer, so now that I'm not on the pump any more (and the wound from the infection it was treating is 99% healed up) it's back to the ABD pads and tape...but no. That's the good news. The vascular clinic got in some Mepilex pads -which are not available through the formulary yet- and gave me enough for the next couple of weeks along with Ace bandages to keep some compression on my right leg and get the oozing back under control.

Was going to take advantage of a strange Earth Day promotion by the Nationals: show up with a recyclable bottle, and they'd give you a voucher good for 50% off tickets for a future game. My cunning plan was to take some of the empty pop & water bottles that usually infest the Toaster, swing by the ballpark, and get my voucher. Unfortunately by the time I got out of the VA it was 2:30. It took me half an hour to get down to the park, which meant it was only 90 minutes before game time (one of those accursed 4:30 starts) and there was no street parking to be had for a couple miles around the park. Welp.

So off I rolled to Vienna and a late lunch with P, who is still recovering from a 22-hour shift earlier in the week as well as drama on the MUD she's helping run. We dined at the Amphora; conversation was had, lunch was eaten, and then we wandered off for coffee. We would have happily had it at the local bar/coffee shop/music venue, but evidently the dude at the counter couldn't manage to sell tickets and take coffee orders at the same time, and neither of the other putative employees could be bothered to provide service either. So, I guess we won't be wasting our money there in the future. Instead, we crossed the parking lot to Starbucks and got caffeinated there. All too soon it was 1800 and I had to run home and score the Rangers/Red Sox game, which was a boring pitching duel mildly enlivened by the Sox' defensive ineptitude. I will say this for NESN: perhaps because they have two perennial contenders in the Bruins and Red Sox to cover, they run a lot fewer annoying self-promoting adds than MASN does. As God is my witness, one reason I keep the TV muted and the radio on when scoring Nationals games is that the ads for the Nationals and Orioles on MASN are repeated at least twenty times an hour. It's enough to make a baseball fan consider shooting himself in the head. Those and the ads for Luna Carpet Installation. Ugh.
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