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administrivia for Tuesday

I was going to delete The Root of All Evil from the links list, since Earl has been dead for a while now, but it looks like somebody finally updated the website. The radio show is still going and the store is still open; also they're throwing a memorial concert next month and collecting pledges for a bike ride against lymphoma, so I'll keep the link a while longer.

The personal website that died with Geocities, on the other hand, is still dead since I'm too lazy to learn how to use Putty and do something with the digitalsheepdogs.com site. (Also I still owe Gaige $ for the domain registration. #^_^#) So the book reviews are going to disappear for a while and be replaced by a link to The Other McCain. Which you should be reading anyway, and hitting the tip jar to boot. The man is doing the work the lamestream media won't.

Time to go out, do banking stuff, pick up some more seeds & pork rinds for tonight's Nationals game, and get the laundry going. Maybe even throw out garbage and clean out the poor neglected Toaster.
Tags: domestic stuff, friends, tech stuff

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