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Monday at the (virtual) ballpark

I'm setting myself up for a crushing blow later in the season, I know, but the way the Nationals have been playing lately I'm beginning to think they might be a little more than just spoilers this year. Sure, they're only in 4th in the NL East, but they're only a game and a half behind the Phillies - and beat the Rockies 5-2 tonight. Woo! Then again, this is April, and it's a long long way to October. In the meantime, I'm scoring four games this week in relief, which means I don't get paid - STATS is checking me out to see if they want me to report on games for real money, and that's what they're using relief games for now. Obviously, I'm hoping they do, otherwise I've gone to no little expense getting this satellite hookup for no reward. And that would be Bad.

Puttered around the apartment today getting rebates ready to mail out, cooking foodz (and found out that what I thought were pork chops were in fact ribs) and making some calls to help with the search for pre-college work.

The low-carb diet (along with noodging from friends and the FitDay online food diary) is working very well. I'm down to 395 pounds, which is almost twenty pounds less than I weighed when I went into the hospital in January, and my blood sugar has improved to the point where I've discontinued the morning insulin dose and have trimmed back the evening dose by 4 units, down to 26. Yeah, I miss being able to indulge in the starches and sugars, but that stuff was killing me slowly with the various infections and complications. I'm better off with just a few of them...basically just an English muffin in the morning these days, and the rest of my carbohydrates come from nuts and broccoli and the occasional yogurt. Mainly, I want to get my body to the point where I don't need insulin any more, and hopefully I can even get my weight and BG controlled well enough that I can lose the oral meds as well. I know people who have done it. I can do it too.
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