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I meant to go to bed earlier. No, really.

Still, here I am awake at a quarter past midnight.

It's been a fun and busy weekend. Already covered Friday's fun in the previous post; Saturday was also cool as I went out to Ashburn with little brother in his Olds 442. P wanted to do ribs, but neither Carlos nor I were too thrilled with the idea of driving up to Frederick for them, so we wound up going to Ted's instead. Ted's Montana Grill is all about the buffalo (and recycling and other annoying "green" twaddle, but whatever) and they do a damn good job on it. I had the short ribs, Carlos had the burger, and I think P had the steak, and it was all most excellent, even the veggies. Mmmm, asparagus. The service stopped just short of being obsequious, and aside from a crying child the ambience was all right with me. Price was comparable with Famous Dave's or Timberlodge; going to keep this place in mind once the cash flow improves.
After dinner Carlos and I headed back to Alexandria with the Failbox in the trunk, since P had indicated she probably wouldn't get around to burning a new master hard drive for it until she came back from San Francisco or hell froze over; she was mumbling so I may not have understood her correctly. ;) More fun ensued when Carlos and I got back to Foxchase, where we discovered that the electric trunk release had joined the gas gauge in refusing to work. Welp.

He got it fixed the next day and dropped off the Failbox before heading off to enjoy the day. I woke late, so eschewed the usual morning eggage in favor of tuna Caesar salad with sprouts & cheese, especially since I thought the office party was at 1500. I arrived there after being cruelly disappointed by Lenscrafters (who had promised me new shades by today and failed to deliver) only to find that the party wasn't until 1800. Heh. Went home and catalogued more CDs from the recovered cases, and found to my dismay that many of the CDs I thought were in Cowzilla's Winamp in fact were not, even though they were on the external drive. WTF. Fixed some of that and went back to the party, which was in full swing by the time I arrived. Many dietary pitfalls were avoided and a good time was had; 2100 arrived before I realized it. Went home with a slightly fatter wallet since several of the tax pros expressed their gratitude with folding money, God bless them.

For the benefir of my GLBT friends (yes, I do have some) - I can't put this any better than Glenn Reynolds: Anatomy of a Sham. Like the man says, if you have to ask who the rubes are...

Going to rouse myself early tomorrow and call the DC Accountemps office for assignments; Alexandria, Dulles, and Tyson's already have me on the board. Hoping to score some work over the next couple of weeks to maintain the cash flow. since 0bama ain't paying my rent or filling the Sportage's tank.
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