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Productive Saturday afternoon/evening!

While waiting for the dinner fish to thaw out, I decided to clear space on the "dining room" table for the mother-huge TV referred to in the last post. Unfortunately, when P had been seized by a fit of temporary madness some months ago and "reorganized" the living room, she'd buried it at the bottom of the hall closet beneath several boxes, a pile of seldom-worn clothes, and a dead CRT monitor. Fortunately, I was feeling energetic, so it was no big deal to repack the closet and extract the TV. In the process, I found what looked like a previously unopened box. It proved to contain a law book I owe to brian_edminster, several paperbacks I'd been wondering about, and most importantly, the three Case Logic CD carriers I had so cleverly concealed in the box, so cleverly that I myself had been unable to find them for the last 2.5 years. So, sometime this week, I'm going to compare the CDs I have in the carriers to what I have on the external drive, and rip music accordingly. I'm most happy to have found the Utena, Megumi Hayashibara, and Charleston Chasers CDs, since I have no idea where the hell I'd be able to replace those for the kind of money I can afford to spend on them. i.e. none.

As for the TV, it appears to work, but we'll find out for sure Wednesday when it gets hooked up. There's noise coming from the speakers, too, which makes me wonder, because I'd been told they were nonfunctional.
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