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Saturday at the (virtual) park

So first thing this morning, I get up early because I can't remember whether I scheduled the Suburban League draft for 0800 EDT or CDT; fortunately for me it was EDT. Draft went off well, although I must have messed up one of the robot teams since it drafted the best player available instead of the best Kansas City Royals players available. Ironically, I named it for the old Yankees farm team, and it in fact has a number of ass-kicking Yankees on it. My draft went pretty well:

SS Jason Bartlett
C Joe Mauer
RP Jon Rauch
C Victor Martinez
1B Jason Morneau
2B Ben Zobrist
RP David Aardsma
SP Jered Weaver
2B Chone Figgins
3B Michael Young
1B Carlos Pena
SS Elvis Andrus
OF Jason Kubel
SP Ryan Rowland-Smith
OF Denard Span
SP Ben Sheets
OF Julio Borbon
SP Rick Porcello
C Kurt Suzuki
OF Franklin Gutierrez
1B Ryan Garko
OF Milton Bradley
1B Jim Thome
SP Clay Buchholz
2B Sean Rodriguez

Had to drop Garko and Thome and pick up a couple of pitchers since I mis-copied the roster, but it'll work out well, I think. Power at the corners, speed up the middle and in the outfield, and some good pitchers in the rotation and the bullpen. One of the other owners did the same thing in reverse. :)

That left me with a couple of hours to kill before the Nats/Mets game came on at 1300, so I puttered around the apartment collecting garbage, assembling & eating lunch, and calling DirecTV to get hooked up with the satellite* so I can do the STATS thing and rake in some money this summer between classes.
I did my test game for STATS with the aforementioned Nationals game, which was more exciting than it needed to be at times (current music was chosen for a reason) but ended with a great defensive play by Willie Harris to get closer Matt Capps out of a bottom-of-the-9th, three men on and two men down situation. The scoring mostly went well, though I got the clanks in a couple of places where I either forgot how to do things or just got a bit flustered trying to figure out what was going on because the bunheaded goofs in the radio booth weren't saying. I miss John Gordon; he may have been irritating occasionally, but at least he kept you up to date on player substitutions. Managed to get it all done correctly, double switches, bunt double plays, and all; we'll see what STATS thinks in the morning when the computer spits its report into the e-mail.

*Installers are coming Wednesday. Not sure yet whether I want to haul out the monster TV I inherited from cajones and chebutykin; I suppose I ought to get SOME use out of it.
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