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fire in the Taco Bell

Started the day by getting together with Carlos, P, and my niece Valerie for lunch at the Flying Fish, during which much raw fish & other sea creatures were consumed, stories were told about the dearly departed, and a good time was had by all. Then followed the second accomplishment of the day: getting Val a phone on my Sprint account, which benefits both of us since the new family plan lowers my phone bill and gets her a bran' spanking new Palm Pixi. (The Pre was rejected purely on grounds of cost even though it looked cooler.) We had been thinking of going shooting, but at that point P was feeling worn out and Val had a prior social engagement at 6, so we couldn't squeeze in range time.

Went out to Ashburn to do P's taxes about 8, walked her through TurboTax -and it didn't end well. She had to upgrade to the Premium version and still got hosed by the IRS and the state; worst of all, she couldn't even take advantage of the late IRA contribution dodge. RS, Kimbie and I all ganged up on her and pointed out that if she'd been dumping money in her 401K all year as had been suggested to her at various points for the last n years, the painful burning sensation in her nethers would be absent or at least reduced. Well, at least next year when I'm doing taxes for Block, she'll only have to pay $20 to hear the bad news. She went to bed after that, and I went off to pillage the Sterling Walmart for veggies, new (cheap) shoes, and other necessities of life.

Finally, ladies, gentlemen, and children of all ages, I present for your consideration Electric Six.
Tags: family drama, laffo, music, tech stuff
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