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Greek yogurt a la GM

That's General Mills, not Government Motors, by the way...

Had coupons for Yoplait Greek yogurt and decided to try it. I'd had some a few years back, but it was a diifferent. obscure local brand and was pretty horrible. Yoplait's honey vanilla Greek yogurt is nonfat (not really a plus for me), has about the same carb content as bog-standard Yoplait/Dannon/Harris-Teeter nonfat yogurt, but has a lot more protein -twice as much, actually- than Yoplait's Light Fat Free Very Vanilla. Maybe it's the added milk protein concentrate, maybe it's the kosher gelatin (which, hilariously, makes this stuff trayf) but it's a lot creamier than the regular diet yogurt as well. Nice. Not sure it's worth an additional 20 cents (with the coupon), much less double the price (without the coupon) but as an occasional treat, it's pretty yum.