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...a summary of the new health care "reform" act's provisions.

Of course some of you, noting the source of this document, will ignore it as partisan flackery and lies. Just the way you ignored us when we warned you this inexperienced tool of the Chicago Machine was going to run the economy off the cliff. Don't come whining to me when one of these provisions bites you in the ass.


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Mar. 27th, 2010 06:43 pm (UTC)
Come now. The economy was already over the edge when Bush left office. It may be true that the current administration is deploying parasols as parachutes, but it isn't as if everything wrong in with the economy started the day Bush left office.

If Bush had done a better job and left us with a stronger economy, would you be giving credit to the Obama administration for that?

Bush had eight years to make things better than they were when he took office, and failed on the economic front. Obama may make things worse, but his administration didn't open all of the powder kegs and leave candles burning all around them.

Mar. 28th, 2010 05:56 pm (UTC)
I will agree that things were starting to go bad on W's watch, but the Democratic Congress and the current administration have made things far, far worse with their reckless spending and wild-eyed rhetoric about cap & trade, to name but one stupid, crippling notion. Do YOU think America needs $5/gallon gas? Having some experience in business, do you think constant uncertainty about what the ground rules of business (i.e. tax and regulatory regimes) is good for a business? These people don't know a G*d-damned thing about business except that it's EVIL and RAAAAACIST and based on exploiting the hapless proletariat.

W's mistake was in concentrating too much on the war in Iraq and its related activities against Al Qaeda elsewhere in the world. He (in)effectively delegated domestic policy to the (then) GOP-held Congress for six years, and tried to work with the Democrats for the last two years of his term, for all the good that did him. He bears some of the blame for the bleeding economy, but it's the Obama/Reid/Pelosi crew who are bringing the giant leeches and exsanguination apparatus to bear. To use your analogy, they are kicking over the barrels and lighting Roman candles from the votaries left lying around. 16% unemployment isn't made up solely of illegals doing construction and real estate agents, as we both know damn well.
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