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Hump Day Vacuum Dressing & Dump Day

Go Green. I double-dog dare you.

Declining polar bear population? Only if 25,000 is less than 5,000.

Charles Stross talks about The Family Trade and its sequels. Some very good food for thought in there, especially for aspiring authors. (KaChing!)

VDH: Reflections on the Revolution in America. Interesting commentary here. (GVDL)

Goodnight Keith Moon - yeah, it is in bad taste. But it does make you think. (KaChing!)

"Other than being completely wrong and passé, Lind's argument on this score is brilliant."

Mark Steyn describes the evolution of the conservative counterculture, contra David Brooks.

Grace-Marie Turner explains why MassCare is hanging around Mitt Romney's neck like a rotting, diseased albatross. Mark Steyn comments.

Better late than never: Reason Saves Cleveland, with Drew Carey!
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