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indifference ruled not o.k.

Well...in some ways life got easier as a result of tonight's confession, and in other ways it just got a lot harder.

The priest read me the riot act for being a lazy slob and not coming to Mass (to say nothing of confession, Holy Days of Obligation, and slacking on my Easter duties) but I figured I had that coming. Also some chiding for stuff that's between me, my confessor and the Lord. What I wasn't expecting - but should have been, really- was getting called out for indifference toward the ex-wife. I didn't bother explaining that the studied indifference I'd adopted had kept my head from going splat because he was right. It's going to be hard, but I have to forgive her.

I'm sure not going to forget, though. He didn't say anything about that. Too Jesuitical, maybe?
Tags: it's a catholic thing
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