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didn't mean to stay up THIS late

Long day at the VA this afternoon which pretty much torpedoed my other plans, but at least I got the prescription refills I ordered through the website a month ago - which appear to have vanished into the luminiferous aether. The visiting nurse came by around 1900 and replaced the vacuum dressing - only to find that the pump (which had been removed so the docs at the VA could ogle my wound) had quit on us. Finally got replacement pump about half an hour ago - all praise to KCI for following up on this - and it is now slurping away at all the drainage. Booya.

In passing, I should note that my daughter makes the best chili east of the New Mexico state line now that my mother has died. (I'm giving my aunts & cousins on that side of the family the benefit of the doubt.)

Blood sugar has been trending down all this week, mainly because I've avoided eating anything aside from basic meal stuff. Daytime readings have been mostly in the green (under 120) and morning readings are getting there. Without glipizide, amazingly enough; be interesting to see how the numbers go once that starts hitting my system.

Time to go to bed and see if the (day?)dreams I was having during my afternoon nap in the vascular clinic come back.
Tags: family drama, food, medical stuff
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