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back to work

So, today was the first day back at work after the extended hospital stay. Everyone was happy to see me and complimented me on how much better I looked and sounded now, which was a boost to the ego, and I was also kept pretty busy. Lit out for home to grab a bowl of soup and change my bandage, which had come unglued (damn this paper tape!) and wound up clocking about seven hours before running out of steam and going home for an early dinner.

The VA ate most of my Federal refund, and the city of Alexandria snarfed my refund from the Commonwealth for not paying my personal property tax last fall, so things will be interesting with ragrd to the cash flow. Again. As usual.

On the other hand, the vacuum pump arrived this evening, and I'll call the home nursing service to set up a time tomorrow for the nurse to come by and stick it in (pardon the expression).

So much to do yet today...need to do laundry, run the dishwasher, and get some things ready to mail out tomorrow. And I'm already tired.
Tags: domestic stuff, medical stuff, work
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