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the road from the VAMC to Foxchase ran through Wheaton and Cuba

Well, this has been a pretty busy day and no mistake; if not for the wicked powerful cup of cafe con leche I had after dinner, I would probably have crashed by now for sure. Up at 0500 for vital signs, accosted by medical students and Dr. Linden at 0700 or thereabouts, then breakfast at 0800. Tried but failed to convince the doc that it would be better for all concerned if I just stayed in the hospital until next Thursday's vascular clinic so we could be sure the infection had been thoroughly nuked. The rest of the morning included such fun items as having the rest of the vacuum dressing removed and a full briefing on what would be happening over the next week.

P showed up after lunch with a supply of clean underwear, which allowed me to change out of the hospital robe back into civilian clothing, and then we packed up everything and headed out, stopping by the pharmacy for Zyvox, more Percocet, and a ton of bandages/tape/saline solution. New and smaller vacuum pump was supposed to arrive this afternoon, but I didn't see it when we got here - it's possible they may have tried to deliver it while we were in Wheaton picking up bread from my old classmate & friend Tish Hall. Guess I'll find out tomorrow. I'm supposed to hear from the nursing service tomorrow as well; they're supposed to send someone by to apply the new vacuum dressing and tend to it every couple of days until I go back for the vascular clinic next Thursday.

Hopefully by then the infection will be completely exterminated and the wound closed up without the need for stitches. Here's hoping; early results from the vacuum dressing this week were quite impressive. For now, I'm going to replace the 4x4 gauze dressings with clean, dry gauze, top that with an ABD pad, tape it all down, and enjoy a good night's sleep in my own bed. Plans for tomorrow are for P to come by, leave Tish's "daily bread" (an awesome whole grain/multigrain sourdough loaf that doesn't taste like sourdough) and a little challah with me, and run me to SunTrust so I can pay my hideously late February rent. After that, more bed rest, more Zyvox, and possibly the nursing service attaching the home version of the vacuum dressing.

Blessings on cipherpunk for introducing P to Cubanos, a Cuban restaurant in Silver Spring around the corner from the Tastee Diner, for Cubanos is most awesome. I'd somehow managed not to be exposed to Cuban cuisine before, which is unfortunate since it pushed all the buttons in my brain's pleasure center. Lots of tasty barbequed/roasted meats, lots of peppers and onions and black beans, not too much rice, and all of it wonderfully seasoned. The guava with cream cheese wasn't all that great, but it too was tasty and very different. AAA+++++, would eat there again.

Which reminds me, digex, we need to talk about the proposed diet; my doctor has some serious concerns about it which are probably unique to me and my situation. At least I hope so.

Last but not least, I want to offer very public thanks to P for her help and assistance over the last week. Yeah, we're family, but this would have been exponentially harder and unpleasant without you, hija. Hopefully we won't have to do this again.
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