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lowered expectations

I've written off Katsucon for this year. As much as I would like to see bam2 and hang out more with onsenmark, I have to face facts and realize that the more I'm up and around, the longer it's going to take my incision/infection to stop bleeding and start healing. The same problem will probably get in the way of me going out to P's for chili tomorrow. As much as I love her chili and believe in its healing power, the drive out there is a major pain even without the current leg issues, and with them it would be a Bad Thing.

Basically, I can't go out for very long because I need to change this dressing every four hours to keep up with the drainage, otherwise it starts flooding the bandage and making a really gross mess out of my pants. So I'm going to stay in tomorrow, I think, except for a brief outing to Home Depot and Harris Teeter for light bulbs and some groceries. I have a fresh stack of paperbacks at my bedside and will be up every six hours to take antibiotics & update stuff from the desktop. That's about all the excitement I really need.
Tags: family drama, friends, katsucon, medical stuff
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