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Hump Day Blizzard Dump Day

You're living larger than Henry VIII. Respect the TP. (Maggie's Farm)

Why does anyone pay attention to either one of these idiots? To quote the Blogfather, "Really, this is exceptionally stupid even by The View’s Joy Behar’s admittedly low standards." (The Other McCain)

#snOMG. (Dan Riehl) Related: Megan McArdle blogs the "Snowpocalypse" and wonders why nobody is suggesting that upstate NY polities rent out their equipment and staff to help Maryland, DC & Virginia get plowed out? Less seriously, Mary Katherine Ham posts an honest weather map. (Moe Lane)

Strange, the media were pretty quick to find out who was backing the Swift Boat vets...why so little interest in theteapartyisover.org? Maybe because it's a front for AFSCME and similar unions? (Contentions, via Professor Death)

I remember the days when Japan was going to just take over everything...and then their economy went into the crapper. Now everyone's talking about how China is going to eat our lunch. Well, not everyone. (Instapundit)

This kind of crap is why I don't read comics any more. Also, Chuck Todd of MSNBC claims reporters love teabaggers, er, the tea party movement! Clumsy lies like this are why your primetime shows are getting their asses kicked by Fox's 3 AM Red Eye show, Chuckie me lad. (Ace)
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