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rare and pleasant surprises

My SunTrust online banking had been acting weird the last couple of days - for some reason, the balance in my checking account had been increasing, but I couldn't get at the detail to see why. Called in to their customer service, which flipped a switch/hit the right keys/waved a dead rodent and not only made the missing detail appear but also made my new savings account appear. Booyah! It looks like H&R Block expedited the payment for the January kickoff meeting, and the Commonwealth paid me about $70 for being partially employed. Which reminds me, I need to fire off some resumes and apply to the Feds so I can salvage something from the VEC for this miserable weather-afflicted week. God knows with the office being randomly closed due to the weather, I won't be getting much for this week's work from H&R Block.

Leg drainage continues apace, and the nurse from VA advice line says it's going the way it should be. Basically, as long as the pus remains laudable, the infection doesn't spread, and I don't suddenly spike a fever, it's all good. So I suppose in a way I should be grateful for the lack of work, since it gives me time to rest up and heal faster. It's my theory and I'm sticking to it, though tbqh I'd rather be working.

I suspect that even with all the blowing and drifting and additional snow today, I'll be back at work tomorrow; quite possibly Friday and Saturday as well, which will screw up any notions I may have had of dropping by Katsucon for even a day. onsenmark is understandably pissed at the effect the weather is having on his travel plans, and I have to wonder whether I'll be able to get him from the bus station downtown to National Harbor. Have to play it as it lays, I guess.
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