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great, more snow

Office closed at 7:30 PM today because the snow held off until 5:30 and then started coming down like bezoomny. One of the tax pros was kind enough to give me a lift home, which was very much appreciated because of the drainage referred to in the previous post.

Holy crap. It was just oozing a little this morning, but during the nine-hour workday it started flowing like someone had stuck a tap in my leg right above the knee. Fortunately, it's all laudable pus (i.e. lymph fluid) with a little bit of blood, but oh God there was so much of it. The right leg of my work pants was completely soaked. So, yeah, not walking home if it could be avoided.

All this drainage is causing the swelling to go down, which is all good. Be interesting to see if we open the office tomorrow; we're supposed to get 4-6" tonight and another 3-5" tomorrow (with some sleet in there somewhere) which is going to make getting in to work tomorrow interesting, since they haven't really done that great a job of clearing the sidewalks around here.

Ironically, I was starting to read Flynn, Niven & Pournelle's Fallen Angels when all this crap started falling out of the sky. Done now, and I heartily endorse the notion of throwing another log on the fire!
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