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One Sunday, with headache

Woke up around 10 AM, wasted time watching the last Azumanga Daioh DVD, showered, and packed up for today's AD meeting. That went fairly well, though I'm annoyed that I had to start by ranting about politics. Unlike some people, politics is not my life and I have no desire to see it leak into every aspect of my life, and especially not into Anime Detour, so I squashed the first signs of gloating and whining with all the force and authority I could bring to bear. Whaddaya know - it worked. Hopefully I won't have to repeat myself.

After that disagreeable start, things went well. The hotel contract is great, our dealer's room is half full, and we're starting the process of getting permissions and promotional stuff from anime distributors. There are a couple of things I need to look into (like, finding an understudy for our Programming/Guest Relations chairwoman) but we have time. We broke up the meeting pretty much on time, and I headed home by weay of Video Universe, where I picked up some fresh anime for this week, including the last disk of Saikano, two more disks of DNA-Squared, the Mahoromatic Summer Special, and some more Please Teacher. Yum.

Came home, laid down until the headache went away, did some eBaying, and I think I'll hit the rack early since I have class tomorrow and need to do a little rewriting in the morning.
Tags: the bush of fandom
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