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almost there...

Not back at work yet, but Thursday I'll pick up a few hours before & after my visit to the vascular clinic downtown, and maybe some on Friday too. There are a ton of boxes in the back room at the H&R Block Foxchase office that need repacking/labeling before they get shipped off to Iron Mountain, and I plan on hacking away at that since the office managers aren't allowed to schedule us until Monday. At that point, my office manager says, I'll get first shot at the available hours. I'm leaning strongly toward taking normal 9-5 hours, since ACPS assignments haven't been nearly frequent enough for my liking, to say nothing of my creditors. Kind of hoping that ACPS gets off their duff and sends me my W-2 for last year so I can file my damn taxes. I could really use that refund money, and the sooner it arrives the better.

Not much to say about the doctor visit today. Weight is up, unsurprisingly; insulin is getting bumped as a consequence. I expect those numbers will both come down next month, as I intend to be walking to and from work at the Foxchase office whenever possible.

Added to the "must buy this when I have money" list: new office chair to replace the one I'm currently sitting in. One of its five legs broke this afternoon, so I'm being very very careful how I sit in it. It's lasted...I dunno, seven years? Not bad for a $99 plastic office chair from Office Depot or wherever the hell it was I bought it.
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