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not a good weekend to be a clown or a rentboy

Or one of their friends, either.

Last night was supposed to be the Big Push by former Russki anarchist brosefs -A- (now turned into ragbag collection of rentboys) and former Masters of EVE Band of Brothers Kengoku I.T. (who have a really stupid clown gimmick these days) into the 49-U system, and it failed miserably. They dropped four Sovereignty Blockade Units, got two of them blown up before the node crashed under the weight of 1100 players, and then not only lost the other two when the node came up but also got their combined fleet slaughtered as they tried to run for the exits. Not that actually getting out would have helped, since Goonfleet Black Ops was waiting on the other side of the gate and butchered a bunch more people. It didn't help that one of their Titan pilots suffered from a brain fart and forgot to rig his former Space Dildo of Mass Destruction with a bridge module. This forced all the people who had been hanging around waiting for a lift into 49-U to take the jump gates...straight into the waiting arms of Black Ops. :)

While this was happening, they ran 100 heavy assault cruisers into our home base of NOL (not coincidentally the former home base of BoB) and proceeded to bubble the station. They forgot that with only 500 goons in 49-, that left a lot of people hanging around waiting to cause trouble elsewhere. This proceeded to happen as Goonwaffe* hit back with stealth bombers and carriers, butchering the HAC fleet led by the girlfriend of I.T.'ss leader Sir Molle and clearing the bubbles in no time. Welp.

So back at 49-U, I was occasionally jamming and (more often) doing armor repair on various banged-up ships, and it was Good. I went to bed around 0200, since I was pretty fried from driving most of the way to Fort Belvoir and back for customer service training on six hours' sleep, which meant I missed the 0300 return of -A-, which tried to ninja drop four more SBU. Since there were plenty of Goons staying up late and (in the case of Mountain & Pacific Goons) just hanging around anyway, those too were slaughtered. Two BILLION iskies worth of modules blown to shit, along with all the lost ships. They were apparently weeping tears of fury on the EVE forums today, and accusing CCP of being in Goonswarm's collective pocket, LOL.

*Goonwaffe used to be the other half of Goonfleet, back before we became a mother-huge alliance and when we had too many goons for one corporation. I think there were also standings issues and other in-game corporate management hurf blurf; it was all before my time anyway. These days, it's the guys who fly stealth bombers and reap a rich harvest of tears during fleet actions by bombing the bejesus out of guys that literally never see them coming. Or going.

And that's why I didn't maek LJ poast yesterday.

In other news, I woke up late, tired and disgruntled, but managed to get stuff done around the burrow anyway. Going to the clinic tomorrow for my quarterly diabetes update, and am going to stop by the Foxchase H&R Block office on the way back to see what (if anything) is up.
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