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idling in local

Slept in until almost noon, wiping out my sleep deficit, and spent the rest of the day desultorily fiddling with internet spaceships. Went out to Fairfax for dinner at Malibu with P and cipherpunk; the service wasn't as good as it had been on previous visits, but the meat was okay and the conversation better, and as cipherpunk observed, the main thing was dining in good company. I thought P was being excessively apologetic about it, but w/e.

There was supposed to be a major operation on tonight, another chapter in the "Clowns, Rentboys and Assorted Lowsec Trash See 49- and Die Tour", but the node crashed and didn't come up for a couple of hours, during which our noble opponents apparently gave it up as a bad job. We'll be back tomorrow night for more fun and hopefully CCP will reinforce the node so we can have a massive (if laggy) fleet battle.

Also, if you needed me to remind you to donate to the Haitian relief efforts, you should really consider moving out from under that rock. It may be just a band-aid on the sucking chest wound of ongoing Haitian fail, but it's better than nothing.