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late night demo crew checking in

So this is the second night in a row I've stayed up until all hours tearing down POS for GSOL, which has actually been a pleasantly social experience. Teamspeak isn't really a substitute for being able to talk to people face to face, but it'll have to do for a while. Goons are bracing for an invasion by all the dumb clowns we kicked out of what is now our home turf, plus our former allies -A- (the supposedly anarchist Russians) and a smorgasbord of horrible corps and alliances from who knows where. So far we've been frustrating them and keeping them from making any kind of inroads on the sacred space of Delve, but there's the usual posting from assholes who no longer play the game but insist on logging in anyway to spread doom and gloom, in an allegedly ironic fashion. Of course. I'm tired of reading their defeatist bullshit myself, but unless and until the directorate wants to start banning these people or kicking them out of the Swarm I guess I'll just have to point, laugh, and negrep them on the forums.

We also can't rely on our allies to help much. Pandemic Legion went through some sort of internal meltdown when their old leadership burned out, and got kicked out of Fountain (just north of Delve) as a result . TCF seems to have fissioned into two smaller alliances, one of which has moved in with us and the other which has gone north and not gotten involved in the opening rounds of the Third EVE War. As for the Northern Coalition, they appear to be having the same problems as PL and are getting their lunch eaten by Triumvirate, a legendarily crappy alliance which appears to have finally gotten their act together. Red Alliance no longer exists as such; it has fissioned into Red Overlord, a sorry bunch of Cyrillic-abusing eBay isk-sellers, and Legion of xxDeathxx, which are BFFs to the Swarm but are all the way on the other side of the map in the drone regions. So they can't really do much for us.

It ought to be interesting, and I expect to be killing and getting killed a lot. Yes, our opponents are on average not as good as we are, but there are a lot of them, and quantity has a quality all its own, as the former owners of Delve learned. SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE.

In other news not pertaining to internet spaceships, I got a half-day sub assignment on Friday. Better than no assignment at all, not as good as a whole day. Also, a preliminary run-through of my taxes using TurboTax indicates that I'm going to get about $900 from the Feds and $200 from the Commonwealth, which should come in very handy indeed.
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