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The Bulge

I haven't posted about my weight in a while, mainly because all of the movement has been in the wrong direction, most spectacularly over Valleycon weekend, when I tacked on five pounds to reach a disgustingly excessive 418. Well, I managed to peel off a pound and a quarter last week in spite of nibbling to excess on Election Night, but that still leaves me quite a ways from my goal of getting down to 400 (if not below) by New Year's.

This is a bad season to be dieting in, too. Thanksgiving (the Feast of Gluttony), and Christmas (Avarice) followed by New Year's Eve are all infamous for rich foods and lots of drinking; fortunately I can't do the latter, so that's a plus. Well, if I can keep on eating sensibly and cut down the number of excesses, the weight will come off. Maybe I won't get down to 400 by the end of the year, but I'll be able to see it a lot better from where I plan to be.
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