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I confess...

...to being a horrible person and trolling my Facebook friends with this quote from Pumpkin McPastry of Sports Argument Stadium:
Doing steroids means taking tremendous legal, professional, and health risks in order to benefit your team and help them win. Doing steroids is the quintessence of being a team player.

All the more so because I really don't care about the steroid issue in baseball. Steroids are not some kind of magic juice that artificially boosts the power ratings of baseball players; they have positive effects on healing and muscle growth, apparently, but not to the extent that illiterate sportswriters and retarded fans are going on about. I'm okay with McGwire going into the Hall of Fame; he has done quite a few of the things commonly associated with Hall of Fame power hitters, and if it were a straight-up matter of counting up the stats he'd be a shoo-in. I don't think his apology for using steroids is going to move public opinion that much one way or the other, but I do think some water-brained baseball writers are going to use the whole sorry episode as an excuse not to vote for him. I submit that we should retroactively apply the same standards to Ty Cobb (a thuggish fellow who on one occasion attacked a man in a wheelchair), Babe Ruth (an alcoholic who used to conduct orgies in his room), and all baseball players who played before 1948, who played in a racist environment where they didn't have to compete against black players. I could probably come up with some other examples in the post-Jackie Robinson world of baseball but I've wasted enough time on this already.
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