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The annual fandoms recap

Ganked from deathquaker.

1. Your main fandom of the year?
Literary SF. Yes, i went to more anime conventions than I did LSF, but I spent a lot more time reading & writing about SF than I did anything else. Well, maybe EVE, if internet spaceships count.

2. Your favorite film watched this year?

Iron Man. Damn, that was a fine movie. Robert Downey Jr. IS Tony Stark.

3. Your favorite book read this year?

Tie between Dan Simmons' The Fall of Hyperion and John Ringo's Eye of the Storm .

4. Your favorite album or song to listen to this year?

Conelrad's Function Creep, although all of Aaron Static's Power Hours this year were good too.

5. Your favorite TV show of the year?

Aside from the World Series, I'd have to say Dollhouse, since it's the only show I bothered to watch on Hulu.

6. Your favorite LJ community of the year?

catholicism. Not too fannish of me, I know.

7. Your best new fandom discovery of the year?

Heh. The ADTRW and SAS forums on somethingawful.com. I find it morbidly amusing that most of my contact with anime fandom these days is through ADTRW, considering how most goons feel about anime fans.

8. Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year?

Missing the Purging of Delve by Goonfleet because my desktop was an unreliable POS and my laptop couldn't run the newer shinier version of EVE. :ccp:
A close second: finishing sixth in an eight-team fantasy league behind both fsf_rapier and luned.

9. Your TV boyfriend of the year?

n/a, Wombat straight.

10. Your TV girlfriend of the year?

Eliza Dushku as Echo in Dollhouse.To quote the legendary Sergeant Hicks, "I'd low-crawl through a quarter-mile of broken glass to hear her fart on the field phone."

11. Your biggest squee moment of the year?

Excuse me? Wombats do not squee.

12. The most missed of your old fandoms?

I'd have to say anime. I feel very much out of touch with what's going on and what's new despite having several friends who post about it a lot. Then there's wargaming, but don't even get me started on that. :(

13. The fandom you haven't tried yet, but want to?

I very badly want to pick up Yotsuba!; the episodes I've seen on Mangafox are hilarious.

14. Your biggest fan anticipations for the New Year?

Not in any particular order...
1. Seeing the Nationals finish with 75-80 wins.
2. Finishing in the money this year at fantasy baseball.
3. Anime Detour (might happen, might not).
4. Second annual a.f.u. no Breakfast
5. Balticon.
6. Iron Man II
Tags: memeage, the bush of fandom
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