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A new year and a new website

R. Stacy McCain, more often referred to as The Other McCain in order to avoid confusion with "Crazy Cousin John", the senator from Arizona, has moved to new digs in the blogosphere. You should know this already from being a regular reader of his site, if you're a conservative, but even if you're not, drop by. You might could learn something, or you could just enjoy the occasional excursions into music popular when Stacy and I were young, drunken fools. Well worth your time, at any rate, because the man actually gets out there and does old-fashioned shoe-leather reporting, which a lot of these feckless young "journalists" wouldn't recognize if it bit them in the butt.

"If there was no Internets, I'd have to stand on the overpass and yell at cars."

(Sippican, via Maggie's Farm) More likely he'd be arguing with his friends and neighbors, or yelling at the television. I think blogging is a lot more productive, and better for the spleen.

For all the bleating about Fascism in America (which was already being implemented by FDR, thankyouverymuch) historians generally agree that the true threat to the Republic during the Depression came from Huey Long, Father Coughlin, and Francis Townsend. Townsend is largely forgotten these days, but he's a big reason we have Social Security - because as FDR would have cheerfully admitted, sometimes it's just easier to co-opt the opposition and steal their ideas. Especially when the bill won't come due for another century or so. (Maggie's Farm)
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