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ham and hotels

This business with the hotel rooms at Detour this year is fucked up. This will be the first time (that I'm aware of, anyway) staff hasn't had a block of rooms set aside for those who couldn't cover a room on their own and didn't mind sharing with others on staff, or just wanted someplace quiet to sleep when they were off duty. Guests were also in the staff wing, so they could get 2-3 hours of quiet sleep between raves and panels. (Only half kidding there.) I understand that it's not always possible to get a discount rate for staff, but blocking out a set of rooms for staff and guests should be one of the things the hotel department does as a matter of course. One of those minor perks that makes it worth being on staff.

In other news, stuck the "Christmas" ham in the oven for an hour to warm it up. SO GOOD. I had to put it away before I went face-first into it, it was that good. Yum. :)

Surgery followup appointment tomorrow at the VA downtown. Booya.
Tags: anime detour, food, medical stuff
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