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down the dark and dusty roads

Went out to lunch with P at Clyde's in Ashburn, which was most excellent, especially the bread pudding that we split for dessert. It seemed to be made from leftover croissants, chocolate and awesome, and we were both glad there wasn't any more of it than there was. It would have been way too much of a good thing. Afterwards, we refueled the Toaster and wandered around US-15, finally finding the Castle, which is a pretty damn impressive piece of architecture. Other things found: Vint Hill Farms, nasal decongestant, Kleenex, several ideas for horrible AMVs, and bathrooms. Unfortunately we waited too late to get egg nog or the makings thereof, but we did get some pretty fine sushi out west of Manassas someplace.

Not sure which of the several Mass options I'll go for tomorrow, but I'll definitely hit one of them.
Tags: family drama, food
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