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Well, hm.

Apparently I missed this when they mentioned it the first time. As a paid LJ subscriber, I can send out coupons to people on basic or free accounts good for $10 towards an account upgrade - so instead of forking out $25 for a year, you only have to spend $15. If you want one, let me know.

Tried and failed to get the Brave Little Toaster out of its parking space today; unlike P, I was unable to clear away enough snow with my broom, and ruined the broom in the process besides. Carlos is supposed to come over after work and help clear snow/yank out the truck, but the traffic on the Woodrow Wilson is pretty hideous this evening. Well, whatever; either I do grocery shopping today or tomorrow.

Finally got my post-op consult this morning: it'll be on the 28th. Not quite 5-20 days after surgery. I'm a little concerned about the groin incisions, one of which is still bleeding a bit, but I'm pretty sure I'll live until the 28th.

Currently rereading Michael Williamson's Freehold.