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bah humbug

Haven't felt much like writing or doing anything else these last couple of days; even playing internet spaceships has been :effort: Thus the lack of posting.

This Lileks story about the police cruiser parked in front of the drop-off boxes doesn't really surprise me. Police tend to park anywhere they want in their cruisers, regardless of the signage; I will grant that I've never seen one parked in a handicap spot. Still, it's one of those things that ought to be drilled into young cadets' heads: the law applies to you, too. Including the parking regulations. People understand if you're blocking traffic so that they don't drive through an accident scene or into the middle of a shootout, but parking in front of drop-off boxes at the Post Office, not so much.

Speaking of the mail, it doesn't look like I'm going to get Christmas cards out this year. First, I have no idea where the box of cards went to during the massive cleaning & purging earlier this year, and second, I can't afford postage for them anyway. Maybe next year.

An acquaintance of mine back in Minnesota -we'll call her E, because that's sufficiently random-is apparently going through some ugly drama with former friends, or people who are busily becoming ex-friends, or people who really don't have a good grip on what "friend" means...it's a little hard to tell at this remove, but from here it looks like the people who are causing drama for E are busy trying to leave civilization for Sherwood Forest, because the media have made it look like a nice playground for middle-class white kids instead of the sick and twisted pile of shit it is*. E, having recently found her way out of the Forest thanks to some mutual friends, is having a hard time believing that these people are so nihilistic and stupid as to act the way they do. Well...this is how people are. Unless they really know you well (and sometimes the intimacy of living together and having sex is not enough to "know" somebody except in the very specific Bibilical sense) people tend to iconize you. They decide there's a certain way you should act, and the more you diverge from their image of you, the more pissy they get. Because these people are used to being catty and vicious in a petty sort of way that would get them beaten down good and hard in the Forest, and in some parts of civilization too for that matter, but since they don't live there (yet) they go on acting like their behavior has no consequences**. ("Oh, I was just kidding/being ironic!" is something you hear a lot from these people.) Well, it does, even in a non-violent way. People like E have better things to do than deal with that kind of shenanigans, especially if there are people in their social circle who don't act like asshats all the time. It takes a while to figure this out sometimes, and in the meantime there's drama. Do yourself a favor, E. Lose these people and deal with them only when you have to, preferably in a professional capacity.

*Jonah Goldberg has a few thoughts on the topic in connection with Jersey Shore. RTWT.

**This is referred to as "girl culture" by the eminent R. Stacy McCain in the course of explaining why James Wolcott is unfortunately unlikely to have his head torn off by Jeff Goldstein before Sr. Goldstein uses Wolcott's neck as a repository for excreta. "Or words to that effect", as the Article 15 write-ups used to say.

In other news, the trailer for Iron Man 2 is out, and it looks to be 50% violence, 50% coolness, and 50% awesome.
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