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Good news/bad news, part N in a series

Well, that was quick. Went in to interview at the district office today, got interviewed by the District Manager himself, and sat through the obligatory PowerPoint presentation on what they're expecting out of us Customer Service Professionals this year. I asked him as the session was breaking up whether I'd be going back to Foxchase, and he replied that he'd probably be basing me out of there but also having me work at the Beauregard and Landmark Mall offices so I could get my forty hours in. This gave me a warm fuzzy feeling, and I felt even better when I found the offer letter in my e-mail when I got home after shopping and mailing out books people bought from me. (I screwed myself by sending them all out Media Mail, but too late now.)

Unfortunately, the job doesn't start until January 10. I'm still behind the eight ball on a number of bills, both bank accounts are in the red, and I don't see any other income happening this month. Even if I did get a couple more sub assignments, I wouldn't get paid for them until January 15. Hard to remember that despair is a sin, sometimes.
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