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MyBurger isn't.

When I spend $7 on a burger, even if it is a burger in downtown Minneapolis, I want a world-class burger, damn it. Unfortunately, that's not what I got at the new MyBurger in Six Quebec, which opened today. The double cheeseburger did indeed come with a substantial quantity of beef, but the cheese was routine American-flavored pasteurized processed cheese-like food product, not cheddar or Monterey Jack or some other quality breed of cheese. There was also nothing particularly special about the beef, either, which was fried instead of grilled. Finally, the bun may have been buttered but it didn't seem to have been either toasted or grilled/fried.

All in all, I would have been better off ankling over to Burger King for a Whopper, or better yet (for my waistline) to Subway for the roast beef sub.
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