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we don't need no steenking leaders

Why is it important, Comrade, that we have leaders you can identify? Is not the true test of our revolutionary consciousness the absence of leaders? Do we not all know what must be done in these times when it seems that the very existence of the Republic is in danger? This is the crucial difference between the "sheeple" you disdain and the sheepdogs you fear. The dogs form their own packs and do what must be done, while the sheep mill helplessly, bleating piteously because they see no escape from the ravenous maws they imagine to be surrounding them. R. Stacy McCain and Richard Viguerie examine the phenomenon of the Tea Party Movement from different but similar perspectives; Viguerie in particular contrasts the movement's anti-Washington attitude to the careerist mentality in charge of today's GOP, a mentality often mocked by the Other McCain as well. See, for example, his critique of Rovian triangulation strategies.

Another factor feeding the flames of the Tea Party Movement is rooted in the Scots-Irish subculture, ironically enough identified by Senator James Webb (D-Va.) in his book Born Fighting: How the Scots-Irish Shaped America. Webb points out that the great leaders of this culture were chosen by the people, not set over them by the powers that be, and because the people chose them, there was a closer, more passionate bond. So, yeah. When the time comes, the populists of the Tea Party Movement will choose their own leaders, their own candidates, and will accomplish far more than the cynical "professionals" who have driven countless top-down candidates and their campaigns into the ground. Look for the mainstream media to be utterly surprised by this; they don't understand or appreciate populism for what it is, and I don't see that changing any time soon.
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