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sit down and pipe down, thank you

Today's substitute assignment was supposed to be a half day, but the regular teacher never showed up, so I got a full day's work (and pay) out of it. As with my first assignment, I laid down the law right away with the kids at the beginning of each class. I think that was a big reason I only had to run one student down the hall to the vice-principal. I also got a chance before school started to talk to the teacher I subbed for back in October. She was very impressed by how I did (especially since it had been my first class with civilian students) and was going to request me tomorrow, but unfortunately I had this prior engagement with the leg-cutters downtown...

...which wound up being scheduled for 1230 tomorrow. So I could have done the assignment anyway. Oh, well. Anyhow, yeah, P is going to pick me up at 1100 and cart me home after the cutting is done. I admit to being a little nervous about it. This is my first surgery since they took my appendix out in sixth grade, and since my bulk and (lack of) definition prevents a spinal tap (THANK YOU GOD) they're going to put me under. Not that I don't have confidence in the staff or anything, but accidents happen. I just hope one doesn't happen to me. Prayers would be appreciated from those of you so inclined. It's supposed to be day surgery, and let's hope it actually is.
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