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Not the best lab experience I've ever had.

There was a certain amount of "what are you doing here?" at the VAMC today when I went in for pre-surgery testing, because I started in the wrong place. However, the real fun didn't start until I got to the lab.

I'm not the easiest person to draw blood from, because my veins roll, so I try to be patient with the lab techs as they stick the needle in. Especially if they listen to me and pull out the needle for another try instead of digging around in my arm trying to find the vein. Today, unfortunately, I got a digger, and on top of that it had been about five hours since breakfast. So partway through the fourth or fifth tube, I started going into shock. The techs handled that well, at least; one of them gave me a couple pieces of chocolate and administered cold compresses to my neck and forehead until the color came back, at which point they sent me to the patient cafeteria. Institutional food never tasted so good.

So after that I went back for the urine sample, got to skip the chest X-ray since I'd already had one in September, and got home ~1500, still a little hungry and thirsty. Surgery will happen sometime on Thursday, but i won't know exactly when until they call me on Wednesday.
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