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Saturday in the snow

Well, that was annoying. Wound up driving to Ashburn to finish off the chili with P; it had aged well and was hotter than it had been originally. Far too many mental defectives, clueless idiots, and prematurely senile assholes on the road out to Ashburn, so by the time I got there I was FILLED WITH HATE. Calmed down over lunch; having face time with people was good as well. Having to drive back, not so much, but I did get in and out of the Wal-mart on the way home without further jacking up my blood pressure. All in all, it looks like we got the predicted 2", none of which stuck to the highways, but people around here can't drive when there's any kind of moisture on the road, so vOv.

Did some grocery shopping on the way out, will probably do more tomorrow. The coupons are getting a good workout.
Tags: family drama, weather
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