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2009, the condensed version

Inspired by edwarddain. The first sentence from the first open or F-locked post of each month.

JANUARY: January started out with the death of George MacDonald Fraser and a move into the Burrow that was more like really uncomfortable camping out.
FEBRUARY: Stayed up late finishing Bernard Cornwell's The Archer's Tale, which like so many of this other novels blends a good fictional tale in with a cracking good retelling of a historical campaign, in this case King Edward's invasion of France that culminated in the battle of Crecy.
MARCH: Spent most of the day yesterday assisting P as a taxi driver in return for laundry privileges and Chinese; the rest sleeping or playing internet spaceships.
APRIL: God damn, but I am tired...Tammy showed up today at the Day Job, but I advised Bob to send her home after a couple of hours because she was really too sick to be there.
MAY: This is very weird.
JUNE: Thanks to haikujaguar who spent part of her weekend lighting the flame of creativity in others.
JULY: Spent a couple of hours this morning going through Craigslist, Jobfox and some other job search sites, which put me in a bit of a depressed state.
AUGUST: Out driving with P after dinner last night and when we stopped at Sheetz I found there was apparently no oil in the engine (dry dipstick).
SEPTEMBER: gohanvox posted a link on Facebook to this article from ANN about ADV closing down after transferring its assets and intellectual property to several other companies.
OCTOBER: Elsewhere, the Nats edged the Braves and the Twins whaled on the Tigers 8-3.
NOVEMBER: Dutch was kind enough to invite me over to chez Dunham last night so we could watch Game #3 of the World Series on their rather impressive flat screen TV.
DECEMBER: I slept in more than I intended today, but was there bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when EVE fired up again around 1500.
Tags: 2008 in review, memeage
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