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2008 in review - fourth quarter. Better late than never.

OCTOBER started with the usual job-related pains in the ass. I did manage to get to the last day of the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, where I met beatonna, David Malki of wondermark, and Ben Katchor. Then I had a birthday. I managed to catch banzchan at Anime Expo, helped them pack up on Sunday, and made tentative plans to get together at NekoCon, which didn't happen. I swore off Peggy Noonan at mid-month, got pissed off at my uncles and aunts on account of Mom's funeral, which happened at the end of the month.

NOVEMBER began, as it always does, with therevdrnye's birthday. The election followed shortly thereafter, and some of my friends were dismayed by my being the ghost at the feast. Right after that, cash flow caused me to cancel my tentative plans for NekoCon, so yeah, the first week of November was full of suck. I finally watched The Boondock Saints and was pretty impressed. I went to my first Moronpalooza, and a week later got my first EVE kill in six months...while flying a logistics cruiser. After that, there was Thanksgiving, and a post-holiday rant at Matt Yglesias.

DECEMBER started off with the plague, and then things got worse. I spent most of the rest of the month in a haze from the Arc Light-strength doses of antibiotics I was taking. joelrosenberg related a heartwarming Hanukkah story, and I celebrated finishing my antibiotics by indulging in a CHEESE FRENZY.
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