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I might have been better off watching this Will Smith vehicle in the theater, but considering I rented it from Blockbuster for ~$4.25 and got two other movies with it, my wallet likes the rental better...anyway, Hancock was everything the trailers promised it would be.

In the beginning, Hancock is Superman - if the Man of Steel was a foul-mouthed black alky who frankly didn't care much about all the collateral damage he causes Los Angeles in the course of capturing villains. This makes him somewhat less than popular with the police and citizens of the City of Angels, and early on in the movie, the Chief of the LAPD calls him out and tells him he should just get out of town and let the police deal with crime on their own. Things begin to change for Hancock when he meets a well-intentioned PR guy (Jason Bateman) who's just been saved from death by our (anti)hero. Bateman resolves to give Hancock a makeover - clean him up, get him to use a little more patience and a little less force, and wear a suit. The cap to the makeover is having Hancock surrender to the police and do time in prison...with the theory being that after a few weeks of crime exploding in his absence, the police and citizens of LA will be crying out for Hancock's release. This in fact happens, with good results, but then the real trouble starts. You see, Bateman's married to this fabulous woman (Charlize Theron) and she seems to know and dislike Hancock from somewhere. She also turns out to be just and strong and fast as Hancock...and that's when the movie gets REALLY interesting. Highly recommended.
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