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Okay, this is funny.

I've gone back to looking at Megan McArdle's Atlantic blog a couple times a week, not because I agree with her about a lot (as she's a soft not-really-libertarian, I tend to find her policy preferences more annoying than not) but because at least once a week she comes up with a post like this.

What's not to like about this combination of enraged daughter's intemperate Facebook post, a Heinlein quote on management techniques straight out of Despair.com, and this beautiful headshot:

"But it's not clear to me where they're going to get this impressive outside talent they want to sweep in and save GM from itself, given the pay restrictions that Treasury is imposing on the company.  Treasury's line is that they're allowed to sweeten the deal with significant stock grants.  This seems sort of like trying to entice volunteers for a suicide mission by offering a lavish deferred compensation package."

Tags: laffo, other peoples' problems
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