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Party 'til the pundits puke

The election night party went fairly well, with the caveats that we never did get a decent Internet connection and the room turned out not to have a radio in it - so we spent most of the night watching Channel 9 (FOX) and marveling at how incredibly hot Robyne Robinson is while cursing the networks for not calling various states as we thought appropriate. Occasionally we got bored and watched The Mark of Zorro or just channel-surfed.

Attendance was good: qob, danae, phoenixalpha, jamestrainor and a couple other folks showed up, and the last of us called it quits about 1 AM. Much cheese was consumed, along with most of danae's excellent cranberry bread, cookies, and pop, and there weren't a lot of leftovers to drag home. Yay.

Even though I only got four hours of sleep last night, I managed to make it in on time and feel somewhat better now after eating breakfast-like food and drinking about half a mug (the large plastic kind) of Caribou Sumatra. Ohhhhh yeahhhh.
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