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under the wire

I slept in more than I intended today, but was there bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when EVE fired up again around 1500. It's verra verra nice; the new graphics are nice eye-candy, and the Territory Control Units are especially impressive with the big ol' Fatbee on all four sides. There's some other tweaks here and there that are meh.

Anyhow, I ran around and ratted/looted wrecks/salvaged until I got the isk I needed to clone jump to Jita and buy a 30-day license, which I managed with about 30 million to spare. Normally I would have been stuck in Jita for a day, but I got ambitious and decided to head for a station two jumps away and load up on skills. I never made it off the undock; some hostile I hadn't seen in local popped my Ibis and podded me before I could say "WTF?" Which was actually quite kind of him, because I wound up back in NOL next to my home station 23 hours ahead of time and could get something useful done.

Logged back on to do logistics stuff but wound up stranded on the wrong end of a Titan bridge and unable to get where I needed to go. vOv

Time for bed; tomorrow will be kind of busy for a few reasons.
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